The One Thing That Can Instantly Make You More Successful As A Broker

The One Thing That Can Instantly Make You More Successful As A Broker

If you’re a real estate agent or a broker, you know that even with a real estate market that’s soaring, the usual approach of showing homes can somehow slow the entire process. Why is this?

It’s 2020, so walking through a house in-person can include wiping down the entire home with a cleaning solution afterwards. This can take hours. If you’re showing the home virtually, your buyer in London might not be able to see your video because it’s too pixelated. You might then decide to just post photos on social media only to find that they don’t seem professional or showcase the space well enough. How do you get around all of this?

In every aspect of our lives, technology is helping to assist or speed up our productivity. We can ask Alexa to refill our groceries and our cars can even park themselves, so, why wouldn’t we use technology to help make buying a home more convenient, too? This is why every single broker needs to be using virtual tours

Time Equals Money

In today’s digital world, buyers will actually purchase a home sight unseen. These homes are usually sold by top brokers with a clientele that undoubtedly trusts them. These brokers have a massive social media presence, an army of salespersons ready at a moment’s notice, and a list of potential clients as long as your last CVS receipt. They all have one thing in common. Reach.

Brokers that are able to reach qualified and eager buyers with virtual tours are always more successful. Recent studies show that less than 50% of the real estate market offers virtual tours yet homes with virtual tours are proven to sell faster and for a higher rate. Plus it saves you time and money, essentially offering buyers an “always open house.” They can scroll through potential homes at their leisure and at any time convenient to them. Why is this important?

That busy, successful client you’re trying to get in touch with doesn’t necessarily have the free time to scroll through endless photos or schedule in-person viewings but they do have time to look at a 90 second video of their potential home. A video which all at once encompasses the size, location, selling points, and aesthetics of the house all before their cup of coffee is even done brewing.

By reaching more clients with virtual listings you create the most convenient way for clients to view homes. Plus, you stand out from your competitors all while speeding up the time it takes to close a deal, growing your reputation, and increasing your success rate. So, what are you waiting for?